INDX Intimate Apparel Show

We are excited to announce that – for the first time ever – we will be showcasing our outstanding garments at the INDX Intimate Apparel trade show in Solihull from the 18th to the 20th of February!

Located at the Cranmore Exhibition Centre, INDX is the only show of its kind in the UK designed exclusively for independent retailers. We hope that by showcasing all of our much-loved lingerie, including the new Red Ecstacy set and three of our outrageously stylish new swimsuits, we will be able to take the first steps towards getting our products in front of an even wider audience and on the shelves of super-stores and in catalogues across the UK!

We have secured a lovely spot at the trade show located on the first-floor of the Cranmore Suite, just a stone’s throw away from an adorable coffee bar and other great brands such as Elle Mcpherson Body and Pour Moi. Come and say hello if you fancy a fun and fashion-filled day out! Maybe you’ll be the first to snag a snazzy mermaid or leopard print swimsuit? Who knows, perhaps it won’t even be long before you see the self-same items flying off the non-virtual shelves at popular high street stores near you!