What makes us unique in the Plus Size market?

Ladies, as you know, we manufacture BY HAND in a very Ethical factory in the EU. As you know, I do the designing and with the factory doing pattern cutting, we are super keen on being consistent in sizing and ‘getting it right’. 

We feel strongly that our lingerie and swimwear should be consistent! 

I know you can buy a Bra at ‘that’ high street shop starting with a P….for most probably £5. I’ve heard they fall apart after 5 washes and the fit is terrible. Viva Voluptuous Swimwear and lingerie will last so long, you’ll still wear it when you are old and grey! Haha!

Sadly, it’s also much more expensive to make such well designed, comfortable and durable products. 

So…a Chinese company sent me an XL bikini (16-18 for us). When it arrived, we were so gobsmacked!! 

1 ) Look at the briefs against our XL briefs. My daughter, size 6, cannot even fit in that! Ours a proper fit!

2) The fabric is such poor quality and so thin, it is see through! We use Titan lycra, that is 250gm and ultra supportive!

3) The bikini top had no underwire and the foam insert is not even cut the same shape as the bikini top. We have Underwire and in some, foam cups. Those without foam has a rigid mesh lining to hold the girls in place! 

4) The top will barely cover my nipple….and I’m 38D. If you are 48D…no chance!

I hope you understand why we try to keep our prices as low as we can, but it’s totally against my principles for my lovely company, to sell such a small, rubbish item to my valued customers! 

Liz Willis