NUDE is not one colour

During my recent US trip, I had the pleasure to meet Marie Denee from Curvy Fashionista fame! What an amazing woman!! 

She told me that a lot of women of colour struggle to find a ‘nude’ bra. In my head the industry regards ugly beige as ‘nude’, but that is so wrong! Since chatting to Marie I’ve been on a mission to discover different shades of ‘nude’. 

Don’t laugh, but I went to a hardware store to find My shade. My children think I’m pink (haha) and I thought I was beige….but for this type of paint, I am ‘Tropicalia’! It was not as easy as I thought to find the right shade, and a real eye opener for me! I also picked up a few other gorgeous shades including Chocolate Bonbon and Christmas Pudding. 

So, as we’ve recently launched in the US, we are super keen to design and make shades of lingerie that YOU like! I’d love it if coloured ladies could give me some tips! I know we could make 10 different shades of brown, but maybe we will start with 2 and see what you think. Do you think any of these colours will work? What about 1 silky bra and 1 beautiful lace bra….different shades.   

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Sorry for colour spelling…we handmake our lingerie in Europe, they don’t speak English as a first language. 

So….we’d love your opinion!

Watch this space…more gorgeous lingerie coming soon!

Liz xx