New Year’s Resolutions 🎉

Here it comes again, that time of year when I make new resolutions and remember all the ones that I made last year…….. that either crashed and burned or that I gave up for Lent!

This year is going to be different, this year I’m going to stick to them because this year my resolutions are going to be achievable and they’re going to be for ME.

How many times do we set goals that are so far removed from reality that the only thing they’ll achieve is failure? And how many times do we set goals for other people’s perceptions? That is nothing but soul destroying, heart breaking and a recipe for disaster.

So here are my 2019 New Year’s Resolutions;

❤️ I will love myself (I am the shape that I am, I am the woman that I am, I will have the belief that my wonderful qualities overshadow any perceived imperfections)

❤️ I will take care of myself (I will eat better, I will do some form of exercise every week, I will not drink quite so much 😉)

❤️ I will spend quality time with the loves of my life

❤️ I will look after my friendships (Life will not get in the way of loved ones)

❤️ Make every day a little bit sexier, with new lingerie (of course), new make-up, new perfume or all of the above

❤️ I will write a bucket list and tick off at least 2 in 2019 (more to follow in another post)

❤️ I will blog once a week…………………. (at least then you can all watch me keep on track with these resolutions and I will have some accountability!!)

So, starting as I mean to go on, here’s my breakfast health kick;

  • 200ml Apple Juice
  • 2 handfuls of Baby Spinach
  • 1 cup frozen Pineapple Chunks
  • 1 Apple
  • Strawberries to make it photo-worthy!!

Throw it all in a blender (add some ice if you like) and whizz until it’s smooth and scrumptious.

Pineapple is great to fight inflammation (arthritis suffers unite!), spinach is full of iron and an apple a day keeps the Doctor away……… oh wait! If he’s hot maybe leave out the Apple 😂