Happy Bubble Bath Day

Who knew that was a thing???? I certainly didn’t but hey, any excuse to soak in the tub is good enough for me.

So how do we observe National Bubble Bath Day?

💖 Draw yourself a deep, warm bath and add your favourite bubbles.

💖 Light the candles and dim the lights.

💖 Put on your favourite playlist (please keep all electrics OUT of the bathroom)

💖 Pour yourself a glass of bubbles (Oh damn you, Dry January!!)

💖 Lie back and relax.

💝 Oh and don’t forget to #BubbleBathDay to any photos (modesty permitting)

Personally I just love Lush Bubble Bars, they’re scrumptious smelling and leave your skin feeling soft and silky. This one is my favourite, it’s called The Comforter (I think that says it all…..)

Afterwards make sure that you dry really well then pamper yourself with some luxurious body cream or butter. This one is delicious………

And the final touch is to slip into something slinky……….

So ladies, make some time for your beautiful selves and celebrate Bubble Bath Day 💖