Ethical working conditions (we should recommend them to the Spice Girls!)

What shocking news yesterday to hear that the Spice Girls Comic Relief t-shirt designed to “champion equality for women” was actually made in “inhuman conditions”. Read the whole article HERE

When we started Viva Voluptuous our plan was to make beautiful things for beautiful plus size women to make them feel……… beautiful!!

So how wrong would it be that if in the process we made girls and women feel worthless and treated them like slaves!!

From the beginning we were very aware that we shouldn’t bring these items of loveliness to the market ‘at any cost.’ OK, we could have them made more cheaply if we were willing to sacrifice our ideals and our morals but didn’t that fly in the face of everything we were trying to achieve?

So our intrepid Lady-up-Front scoured the world (OK, some parts of the world) to find somewhere to have our lovely bras, panties and swimsuits made. It’s not as easy as you think, not every factory that she visited measured up, there are many considerations to take into account; Could we attain the quality that we desired? Could we deliver reasonable pricing? But MOST IMPORTANTLY would WE be willing to work in the conditions that we expected our seamstresses to??

Eventually the right solution was found and it was well worth the search…. and to prove that this isn’t some “inhuman sweatshop” we even took a video for you…….

OK, it’s sideways! We make underwear not films 🤣!!

These ladies may be working remotely from us but they are still very much part of our team, their skills and ideas are crucial to Viva Voluptuous and they are a vital part of the VV family.