Plus-size Swimsuits Back in Stock!

We’ve spent the day in the stockroom, unpacking a new delivery of swimsuits and sending out orders.

Both of these gorgeous designs are flying out in time for the holiday season.

With one thing and another, we’ve been so busy that the stock room really needed a bit of a revamp. You know what it’s like when you move into a new place, you think you know how you want it but it’s not until you’ve really lived with it that you understand what will work.h

So here we are, faced with boxes of scrummy swimsuits and nowhere to put them!!

See, there you were thinking that the world of lingerie was just a life of glamour, glamour, glamour! When the truth is ladies that there’s a fair amount of lugging, knicker-sticker sticking, labelling and counting involved too.

That’s not to say that we can’t look glamorous while we’re at it….

Oh we do love a pretty filter 🥰

I think that we’re nearly there with our Spring-Clean-Sort-Out, we’d better be because we’ve got lots of new lines coming in and we need somewhere to put them!!!

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