Our sizes are your sizes!

How often have you ordered something from the internet and it turns up to be insy-winsy and can’t wear be worn as anything but a fancy headdress or a leg warmer, or a cut-down coat for your pet chihuahua???

I’m sick of it!! I read the size guide, I measure, I measure again and still an E Cup (yes I do check if it’s USA, UK or EUR just in case) is nowhere near a REAL E Cup!!

I guess that’s why I’m so proud that the sizes of our items that we say they are, are the sizes they are. It’s not that hard is it!! In fact we’ll even send you a tape measure to make sure we are all singing off the same hymn sheet.

So come on please other on-line suppliers (you can remain nameless for now). Please make sure that what you say is what you mean!

P.S. Don’t you just love this picture of “Hilda”? She obviously has the same problem as me!!!