Glamorous Poolside Outfits

I’ve booked a holiday and I’m so excited! Warm sunshine here I come! The only problem is that despite my head being ready for the holiday my beach body isn’t.

I’ve got three weeks to get myself feeling gorgeous. A bit of exfoliation and fake tan will help but having the right poolside outfit is a must.

Well for once I’ve got the most wonderful choices of swimwear to take with me from our range and with some killer accessories to finish off the outfits I’ll be ready to Rock It straight from the poolside to the bar or restaurant.

I’ve always been a ‘play-it-safe-with-black’ kind of girl but with these beautiful prints now available I really think I should be a bit braver. What do you think?

I always think you can’t go wrong with a couple of beautiful sarongs that will take you effortlessly from the poolside to the bar. They’re lightweight, versatile and should always be a staple in your suitcase. Team that up with some gold accessories, red lipstick and nail varnish and Watch out World!!

I’m dying to wear this beautiful mermaid print whilst sipping cocktails by the pool. It’s just the perfect look and once I get a bit of sun on my skin the turquoise will really Pop!

Of course I always make sure I wear a sun hat and cover myself in SPF50 to make sure that I’m Sun Safe because I want to keep my skin looking young and fresh. Make sure you do the same too.

Love, Violet xx

P.S. I’ll send you all a postcard