How to choose lingerie.

The Gentleman’s Blog. Part I.

When I was first asked to contribute to this Blog my first reaction was…. WHAT??? How on earth could I legitimately write something meaningful for Viva Voluptuous?

But after looking through the website I realised how this company actually has some relevance for me and for other men like me. Because who has the most impact on my life? My lovely lady of course and if there is any way that I can show her how beautiful she is to me then I’m the first one to grab that chance with both hands.

But gentlemen, we all know that the pathway to heaven is fraught with danger, so I was delighted to see a comprehensive “Gentleman’s Guide”.

Buying intimate apparel for your loved one is not an easy option. When should I buy her lingerie, what should I buy, and what (heaven help me) size should I get??? Thank heavens for the Gentleman’s Guide. It gave me hope that I could really get it right this time.

What should I buy? This was a bit tricky as it’s really is down to personal choice…. do you (as a couple) want something playful and sexy? Would you prefer sultry and sexy? Or maybe something along the elegant yet sexy line? There’s a great little piece of advice in the Guide about how sexy it should be….. “Make sure it will be comfortable for her.” says the Guide, “A very sexy but very uncomfortable little number will be a big mistake.

When should I buy it? Buying lingerie may not fit every occasion but it certainly works for Romantic Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and/or Special Birthdays. The sensible advice from the guide is to treat it as you would jewellery, if you’d consider buying jewellery for her then lingerie would also be appropriate. Maybe early on in your relationship? Wise words Gentleman’s Guide.

And the all important What size should I buy?? I’m going to just go straight ahead and copy this from the Guide as I just couldn’t write this better……. “The first thing you need to know is that Viva Voluptuous does not sell lingerie for plum or lemon size breasts; we start at large grapefruit size (D or DD), small melon size (E or F), small watermelon size (a G) or larger watermelon (HH and J).  You will also need her underbust measurement, so look for something that looks like 38DD or 40F. Have a look in her underwear drawer when she is not around! If there seem to be a number of different sizes try to take the newest item sizes. Brands do vary…so try and get her ‘average’ size. If all else fails, then you could ask her friend to help to find out but have her promise not to say a word!”

Personally I think I’m going to have a little bit of fun with this. I’m going to grab a tape measure and get some pleasure from measuring my Voluptuous Lady but you’ll have to wait for “The Gentleman’s Blog. Part II” for that bit……..

See you next week

Viva Gentleman x

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