Holiday Body Confidence

I’ve got a fabulous holiday booked for the beginning of March and I’m super excited. I’ve bought new swimwear, I’ve started writing my packing list and I’ve got a stack of books to take with me.

Grabbing an early holiday is such a win/win situation. Not only do you get to escape the damp and dreary weather but you also get a kick start on that beautiful summer glow that I find really helps with Body Confidence.

Body Confidence, now there’s a thing! We all know how much better we feel when we’ve dressed to impress, when we’ve made the effort to really Rock-It. But how easy is it to fall into the “Old Comfies” habit and how many of us try to wear outfits that hide our shape.

Add a splash of pink to a mix of stripes and spots

But you can’t do that on holiday can you? So here’s the ultimate opportunity to revamp our wardrobes and to try something vibrant and different to give our confidence a well deserved boost. It’s a time to try things out that we might be a bit shy to try at home for the first time.

Even if it’s just ‘dressing-up’ an old favourite with bright, silk scarves, oversized sunglasses, glamorous wedge sandals or a gorgeous sun hat. A holiday is the perfect time to experiment.

Try something different; maybe tie your hair up with a big, bold scarf rather than a sun hat, wear some large, glamourous earrings instead of your normal discrete studs, vamp up your look with bright lips and nails, stand out in leopard print rather than hide in black.

Go wild with our luscious leopard print.

I’ve got a big straw hat that stands up very well to packing so I’ve bought several different scarves to tie around it so that I can change-it-up to go with each of my poolside outfits. Or I could wear just the scarves to keep the sun off of my head.

I’m also starting now with getting myself ready to bare all…(well, not ALL!), I need to get my skin ready to be seen, it’s been covered up all winter and my legs seems to have an almost blueish tinge! I’ve got a tried and tested routine that I use every summer for a bit of a kickstart.

First I exfoliate every inch of my body with a gentle but effective body scrub. My favourite is The Body Shop Coconut Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub, it’s creamy and gentle and the smell of coconut makes me think I’m already on holiday. Then I moisturise my body, chest and arms with their Coconut Nourishing Body Butter. On my legs I use Palmers’s Natural Bronze Body Lotion, it goes on like silk and gradually builds up to a natural looking tan without any streaking. If I keep doing this a couple of times a week, by my holiday my legs will be ready to go on show. The week before we go I’ll use it a couple of times on my body and arms but to be honest it’s my legs that I want to really colour-up.

If I’ve got time this month I might try to fit in a bit of pamper ‘Me’ time, maybe a massage or having my hair done, and I’ll make sure that I’ve got my nails and toenails painted in a bright pink or red. Never underestimate the power of a pampering session for boosting your Body Confidence.

So go on, be a bit brave this holiday and try something new. And don’t forget to share your holiday pictures of you Rockin’ your Holiday Style with us.