How to Marie Kondo your underwear drawer.

“To put your things in order means to put your past in order, too. It’s like resetting your life and settling your accounts so that you can take the next step forward.” Marie Kondo.

I’m a pretty tidy person, I like surfaces to be clear and feel that everything should have its place and be in its place. I like to think that my life is pretty much in order too and wouldn’t need very much resetting, but unfortunately my method of tidying often results in me clearing everything quickly out of sight into drawers and cupboards which in turn become real hell holes!! (My husband even calls me The Squirrel 🐿). That’s why I really need to embrace this§ KonMari method.

Have you watched the series on Netflix yet? I wish I had the courage to take on the whole house like the families in “Tidying Up” but I just haven’t, I don’t think I could live in the complete chaos as I worked through it all. So step by step I’ll go, doing it in bite size chunks.

And there’s one bite size chunk of nastiness that really needs some order……… my underwear drawer!!! Not only is it untidy but I know there’s a lot of old stuff in there that’s mixed with my lovely, gorgeous pieces. There are bits that; might fit me again one day, might just need a bit of mending, that I might have loved once upon a time. There are even bits that I hate because they’re uncomfortable but for some reason I’ve held onto them.

It all looks tidy from the outside!!
This is what faces me every morning!

So here goes…….

Step 1. You need to make a mess before you start. That’s easy, it’s only one drawer so I emptied the whole lot onto the bed. Yuk, what a mess.

Step 2. Sort the whole lot into types.  Bras, briefs/panties/knickers, camisoles, slips, stockings/tights. Now I’m doing it I wonder why I’ve never done this before???

Step 3.  As you sort, find the items that “Spark Joy.”    Marie Kondo uses expressions such as; “inspire joy,” “thrill of pleasure,” “speak to your heart,” “moves you,” and “love.” You instantly know which those pieces are and there’s no question that you need to keep them, if some of them need a bit of extra love then put them to one side and mend them straight away.

Step 4. Discard. Any items that are broken (and don’t deserve mending), don’t fit, are tatty (yes we all have those in with our ‘undies’), or are uncomfortable, shouldn’t be taking up valuable space, get rid of them. The items that you discard, give a little thanks to them for the good service that they’ve given you. (i have to admit reserving thanks only for those items that I’d once loved, the uncomfortable bits were slam-dunked into the bin without even a goodbye!)

Step 5. Fold and store.

Who knew there was a correct way to fold them???

Once you’re all sifted and sorted, sparked and thanked, the whole lots needs to go back into the drawer in a way that it won’t get messed up again. Marie uses her own range of beautiful boxes and whilst I’d love to run out to Anthropology to buy a set, my budget is really happy that I’m an empty shoebox hoarder….. and I have to be honest here, my bras wouldn’t fit into a pretty pink, Japanese designed, tiny Hikidashi Box. An upcycled Wellington Boot box was the only thing I could find that would work.

Now my whole underwear drawer Sparks Joy!

I’m really happy with my finished, orderly drawer. No more groping about in the mornings looking for the right pair of briefs, my mind feels clearer and I’m ready to take my next step forward………..maybe I’ll work on my sock drawer next 😉